Broaden your communication reach with phone equipment installed by Business Telecommunications, located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Phone Equipment

Choose from our selection of cutting edge technology manufactured by Vertical™ communications for a demanding business environment. Count on our telecommunications company to provide your business with the tools necessary to maximize your earning potential.

MBX IP System

This system integrates easily with existing networks, and supports a variety of phone types. With MBX IP, you get support for IP endpoints, traditional endpoints, and SIP trunking in a single system. This system expands over 300 users and up to 72 multiple sites.

Vertical SBX IP

More than a phone system, the Vertical SBX IP improves operations, intra-company communications, and processes. When you communicate more intelligently, you impact your bottom line. Find out what more than 200,000 customers in North America have already discovered. With our products, your business leaps ahead.

STSe System

This system expands from the single-line, one-station user to as many as 24 lines and 48 stations. A 24-button display phone is supported by the STSe system. Add voice mail easily by installing the 'INSKIN' VMIB card that supports 64 mailboxes with custom greetings. Caller ID is standard with this system.
Phones, Phone Equipment in Mount Pleasant, SC

Phone, Phone Equipment in Mount Pleasant, SC

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